Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are the services of recharge do we have?

Multi Recharge SIM : Application provides multi recharge software facilities using single wallet. We provide single wallet multi recharge facilities for all Mobile, DTH, Data card, utility bill etc. We cover all types of operators for Mobile, DTH and Data Card Using our applications you can recharge any prepaid mobile phone, any DTH operators, all data cards and mobile bill payment etc. Details of our services is mentioned in our services page.
Recharge with SMS based, GPRS based, Android based Services:


2) How to join as a Retailer with PAF Payments?

You can join as a retailer by following steps below:

REGISTRATION: Please follow the link click on the link Partner with us . Fill up the details and send it to us. With 1 working days we will contact you for further activation process. ACTIVATION TIMING: As per activation request Retailer activation will be completed with next 1 hr. You will get a confirmation activation message or email on your registered mobile number .

3) How can you get balance in your PAF Wallet?

As a retailer you get balance through banking transaction. Retailer can deposit through payment mode is:


4) Business partners send request for balance in PAF wallet?

After deposit you can send SMS Mobile no: 08697518579 or Email address: - . Balance request Syntax is – i) Bank Name ii) Amount iii) Mode of payment iv) Banking Payment Transaction No./ Branch Code,/IMPS No. /Reference No. /Mobile No. /Green card no. Etc v) Retailer PAF User ID vi) Retailer PAF Register Mobile Number.

6) How much time does it take to Recharge?

Normally takes approx 45 seconds to recharge.

7) How to get refund if recharge is not successful?

In case customer has not received the recharge balance your can generate Register complain for the same. Online user can just click on “Log complain” and submit your complain register manually. In case you are doing recharge by sending sms Please click “download” to find our Log complain format to register complaint. Once complain is generated, we will investigate and it will be solve/refund done within 20 mins. Some time refund can take up to 3-4 hours if recharge was submitted to Operator but with no response from the operator side. Most of the recharge is refunded automatically or within 20 minutes.

8) Can Retailer Change register mobile number?

Yes, you can mail/sms us your mobile number change request at SMS Mobile no: 08697518579 , you need to mention your old mobile number, new mobile number with reason for change. There will be no charges for mobile number change.

9) How to get refund for wrong recharge?

If the recharge was success on Wrong mobile Number, then you will not be able to get the refund. If retailer made wrong recharges for DTH there will be no reversal but we will try to process balance withdraw and added the wrong id to right id. (Terms & condition – i) Retailer must inform at least 24hours after transaction time. ii) Difference between both ids must be one & two digit. iii) Both Id’s must belong from same state. iv) The wrong id must be active.
If you mention all details will match everything and reversal will done within 4-5 days.

10) Dos and Don’ts for Retailer as PAF business Partner?

Every Retailer has to maintain a minimum balance of 20 Rs in their account at any time. During the
       transaction if the balance drops from 20 the transactions done will “FAILED”.
Every Retailer has to minimum recharge amount 10 Rs for prepaid number.
Retailer has to put an upload SMS pack on their prepaid registered mobile number , this will help the
       retailer to incur a low cost on the SMS all the operators have SMS power pack.
Complaint against DTH recharge can be solved with 24 hrs only.
Telecom Recharge Transactions success Report might take 10 to 25 mints sometimes based on
       availability / delay of the operator Network.
Customer care will be open from 10.00 am to 9.00 pm for all days.( include every holiday & weekend)
In case of failed transactions if at all the Retailer balance gets deducted, will be automatically reversed same day
       at night to the retailer's account.
Retailers are requested to use alternate server numbers after 20 mints from 1st transaction if they have any
       issues regarding recharge and feedback.
Dish TV Minimum recharge amount is- 250 Rs. if any recharges done less than the amount mentioned
       will be treated as FAILED.
There is no reversal policy if any retailer done recharge wrong mobile number.
If retailer made wrong recharges for DTH also no reversal but we will try to process balance withdraw
       and added the wrong id to right id. ( Terms & condition – i) Retailer must be complaint at least 24hours
       after transaction time. ii) Different between both ids must be one & two digit. iii) Both Id’s must be belongs
       from same state. iv) The wrong id must be active.) If mentioned all details will match then reversal done at
       last 4-5 days.
If Retailer made recharge BSNL, DOCOMO and UNINOR, this time retailer must use top-up code for only
       top-up recharges & Special code for specified Offers.

11) How to retailer get service notification query?

If any service is stop retailer get with sms and its also showing in our online portal

12) How to contact us?

In case any Query regarding Recharge you can Contact us: 9749344447/ 8101911979. Give us a miss call and
we will call you back

13) Can retailer get any SMS free server number?

We are not provide any SMS free server number as per your query we will try to update your request to our technical department.